Our story

In 2018, after almost 5 years on the road backpacking, we went to Colombia. We immediately fell in love with this country. It surprised us not only because of its natural beauty, but also because of its nice, welcoming and friendly people. While wandering in the northern part of the country, we found ourselves in the area of ​​La Guajira peninsula, the home of Wayuu people . We spent a few weeks here, getting to know the local culture and community of women who handcraft the Wayuu bags .We were very impressed by their patience and creativity, which they are inventing new patterns with. The circumstances that took place in the Czech Republic changed our plans a bit and we decided to return back to our home country. As we are great fans of handcrafted products, we decided to bring few pieces back home for our relatives and close friends. Everyone was absolutely thrilled and for many it became a fashionable accessory with a soul. Thanks to such a great feedback, we didn´t hesitate and got connected with our Colombian friends and tried to figure out way, how to transport those lovely products from Colombia to Czech Republic.

We were determined to work directly with women from the Wayuu tribe and buy products directly from them rather than third party merchants. We wanted to be sure who are we supporting. However, since our Wayuu friends do not own a car nor a bank account, the situation was quite complicated and we gave up this project and effort. During 2020, we tried to find a way again, and we are very happy to say that we have finally succeeded.


In 2020, the brand Wayana was created. Brand that combines modern elements with traditional Wayuu designs. . We choose every single product one by one and we are also activelly contributing in inventing different color combinations. Our main intention is to support the creativity and skill of these women, therefore we also cooperate with organization which supports and organize educational programs in Wayuu community.