Wayuu tribe

What´s Wayuu and where do the bags come from?

Wayuu is a name of the south American indigenious tribe, living on the La Guajira peninsula in the very northest point of Colombia. Women of this ethnicity learn to weave and crochet from an very early age, and sale of traditionally woven products is a major source of income for this community. This unuqie skill is passed down from generation to generation. It takes them from 2-4 weeks to complete each bag . Each is one of a kind and the choice of colours is unique. Handcrafting these products is their cultural heritage.

The Wayuu ethnic group is an autonomous matriarchal tribe. Indigenous people of this tribe live in the small isolated communities in humble conditions, typically in tiny houses or a mud huts with roofs made of palm trees. They still retain their culture and language despite Europeans´ colonization attemps.

Wayana is a conscious brand that honors the cultural heritage of the Wayuu tribe and seeks to create lasting social change in the communities we cooperate with. Each product is a masterpiece, which tells a unique story about Wayuu culture.